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Measuring the Team

 Sample Report

  as a System


Today, the workplace is a maze of nested teams; intact, cross-functional, project, virtual - and the pressure is on teams to form, perform and reform at an astonishing rate.   The Team Diagnostic Assessment is a unique approach to working with teams that is unlike any in the marketplace.  What sets it apart from other methodologies is that it regards the team as a "system," a living dynamic organism that has characteristics that transcend those of any of the individual members.
    In this way, the team itself is seen as its own body with spoken and unspoken rules, vision, ideas, blind spots, expectations, and even moods. 
    The team must be explored as its own entity, independent of the needs of any single member.  The spirit of a team infects and influences the individuals and plays a significant role in how the team works together and what the team produces.

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