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Working with executives committed to

aligning their people with the strategic plan

  How Our Coaching Philosophy Supports You

  We tailor each interaction to the coaching needs of the team or individual while working with you to ensure our coaching solutions complement your existing programs and long-term objectives.  
  We do this by:  
  • Aligning with you
  • Providing pre-qualified, experienced coaches
  • Making it easy & convenient
  • Offering you a consistent, effective & powerful coaching process

  We Align with You

  Our coaching process smoothly integrates with your existing programs and processes, including performance feedback, recruiting, career development and succession planning.  

We Provide Pre-Qualified, Experienced Coaches

  All of our coaches use standard processes, and are certified by organizations accredited by the International Coach Federation.

  We Make It Easy & Convenient For You

  No more voicemail jungles or chasing down the right person. One person resolves your questions and handles your bills, tracking reports, contracts and all other administrative issues.  

We Offer You a Consistent, Powerful &

  Cost-Effective Coaching Process

  Whether working with a team or one-on-one, your organization benefits from the backbone of all our work: The Flourishing Process™.  
  1) Clarity  
  What do you want to be different?  The first step is clarifying your current situation and identifying what you want to be different. This critical groundwork plays a key role in your direction, choices and action; keeping you from going in the wrong direction.  

2) Choice

  What do you choose?  Without conscious, intentional choice, the same bad habits or excuses will keep you from getting what you want. Are you dating your decisions or are you committed to them?  

3) Action

  What action will you take?  Once you have made your choices, it's time to take action. How will you get from where you are to where you want to be?  

  Exceed Your Goals with TFC

  TFC's strong commitment to partnering with you and your organization can make a significant difference in your organization's ability to meet and exceed your goals.  
  Empower your teams and professionals to reach their highest potential by calling The Flourishing Company at 419-309-4252 today.  We will assess your situation and recommend solutions for your unique situation.  


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